Service deprecation

Over the past few months we have been working hard on upgrades to our infrastructure in order to develop a more sustainable and scalable architecture.

With this work nearing completion, most of our current services are now deprecated and will become permanently inaccessible after the 31st of October 2020.

What does this mean for me?

The most important bits:

  • Download anything stored on spoon or cube, including your webspace. You can log in with your existing account details. Everything will be deleted after 2020-10-31!
  • Sign up for a new Netsoc account here with your existing username (you’ll need an admin to help you with this, as all current Netsoc usernames have been reserved - email You can sign up with a different username and we can change your username back to the existing one)
  • Migrate your website to next-gen webspaces (see here for info on next-gen webspaces)
  • Matrix chat accounts and history will remain, but now requires a 2020 Netsoc account (make sure to sign up with your existing username!)

Next-gen webspaces?

Current web hosting will be replaced by the long-awaited next-gen release (re-written from the prototype developed in 2019 to be more stable!). Every user will have their own dedicated VM-style machine to install whatever they like! Since they’re just Linux machines, you’ll be able store files in your new webspace, but existing data will not be migrated automatically!

You can find out more about setting up next-gen webspaces here.

🚨 Corporate Speak Incoming 🚨

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause but we firmly believe that this migration will deliver a significantly better user experience and allow us to better maintain our servers and services in the future.